About The Dump

Who We Are

We don't play dirty. We're the real deal. We don't pay full price so you don't pay full price. We buy showroom samples and closeouts.

We challenge the traditional furniture store by providing a unique treasure hunting experience.

We are the original disruptors. We don't follow the rules. We're daring when other stores are safe.

We’re known as a nationally acclaimed luxe furniture outlet providing our customers with the best possible deals.

Why Work for Us?

If you enjoy a challenge and a constantly changing atmosphere where everyday is different then you have come to the right place. We change our inventory every week feeding into our high energy environment. We thrive on interacting with our customers and helping them find the perfect piece of furniture for their home. If you want a highly rewarding sales career, opportunity for advancement, and working with passionate co-workers then you will love working at The Dump.

Current openings